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Men's Royal blue vintage mohair wool cardigan made by ByFord, in England sold by Jordan Marsh Town & Campus Shop, Medium

This is a rare woven sweater as opposed to the usual knit sweater. It has a very fuzzy surface with very strong construction because of the weaving.

However, because it's woven and not knit, this sweater doesn't have the usual give found with knitted sweaters. Thus, the size is rather unforgiving; it is what it is, and isn't going to conform.

As a consequence, I'd recommend you pay close attention to the measurements below. You should be looking for a comfortable fit, where this sweater is a little larger than you'd normally wear. I wouldn't recommend this sweater if the size is going to be tight.

Chest 46"/117cm
(shoulder to cuff)
(Mid-shoulder to bottom)


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