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606-014 Men's Viscose/Angora Sweater-Shirt

Both the pullover & cardigan styles have a full button-up collar for those windy chilly days. Each sweater also comes with an extra button.

Elbow pads and trim are suede.

Please go more by my actual measurements noted below, as I'm not very confident of these size labels.

For example, the "Medium" is only a 40-inch chest which is usually a size small. The cardigan is marked "Large," but with a 44-inch chest that would be more like a "Medium."

Measurements Medium Pullover Cardigan
Chest 40"/102cm 44"/112cm 44"/112cm
(shoulder to cuff)
26"/66cm 26"/66cm 26"/66cm
(Mid-shoulder to bottom)
25"/64cm 25"/64cm 25"/64cm


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