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606-040L Angora Cardigan Wedding Sweater w/Lace Design

This is a wonderful 100% hand-spun French angora shrug incorporates an intricate lace design that makes it not only luxurious but a lifetime treasure as well.

It features crocheted arm and neck openings with soft graceful kimono sleeves. The cuff ruffles are designed to drape over the hands in an elegant style.

Because it's designed as an open-front non-closing sweater, this beautiful shrug will fit a wide range of sizes from Medium to Large, even XL.  If any alterations are necessary, it's usually with the arm lengths, as that's what varies most from person to person.

Care:  Have to be washed by hand in lukewarm water (30C) and rinsed at the same temperature like any other wool in order to avoid felting. Clothes in angora wool have to be wrung without violence, then put to dry, preferably on a flat surface. To respect such simple rules will guarantee a great longevity to your 100% angora garments.

Wedding garment purchases, such as this, are not returnable. 


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