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Turtlenck Exclusive: #611-005 Men's New Ultra-soft Mink-Cashmere Sweaters


Men's New Soft & Fuzzy Mink-Cashmere Sweaters

Sizes:  They will make these for me in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large & XX-Large.  The exact measurements appear at the bottom of this page. 

Colors: Standard colors appear below on the chart, but a wide variety of other colors are available by special order.

We can have these made in any size, in a wide selection of colors.  It takes about three weeks to have them made and shipped.  We ship around the world.

Style:  611-005T (Turtleneck)

Color #002 Light-Grey

Color #003 Dark-Grey

Color #001 White

Color #006 Dark-Green

Color #022 Wine-Red

#001 White

#002 Light grey

#006 Dark-green

#003 Grey

#022 Wine-red

#022 Wine-red

  Standard colors available...

Click here for a complete list of available colors.

Starting at... $286

Here's what I have in-stock ready to ship. 

All other colors and sizes can be made and shipped within a couple of weeks.

Color X-Small (38) Small (40) Medium (42) Medium (44) Large (46) X-Large (48) XX-Large (50)
White (#001)   2   2 1 1  
Light Grey (#002) 1            
Grey (#003)   1     2 2  
Dark Green (#006)              
Black (#011)         1    
Red-Coffee (#012)              
Camel (#015)     1 2 1 1  
Russet (#017)     1   1    
Army Green (#019)              
Dark Blue (#020)              
Wine-Red (#022)              
Light Blue (025)              
Purple-Red (#026)              
Grey (#027)             1

Crew-neck / Zipper-Front / Button-Front / Turtleneck/ V-Neck

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