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613-089m Michael Kors New Angora Sweater


This style was design as a woman's sweater, but the only gender indicator is a couple of internal straps used to keep the sweater stored on a hanger, which I never recommend. They're easy enough to cut-away.

These angora sweaters have a nice small metal "Michael Kors" bar on the top back center. See the close-up photos below.

I wore an orange one around town for a couple of hours, and received several nice comments.

Measurements Black - Small Navy Blue - Large Orange - XL
Chest 42-44"/107-112cm 46"/117cm 48-50"/122-127cm
(shoulder to cuff)
26"/66cm 26"/66cm 27"/69cm
(Mid-shoulder to bottom)
26"/66cm 26"/66cm 26"/66cm


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