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615-063 Fuzzy Men's Turtleneck Mohair Sweater


The extra long body length of this sweater, allows it to just about cover the butt, giving added warmth and style. This is a great winter sports sweater as it's bulky with being heavy and the added length helps keep out the cold.

The double-length sleeve-cuffs are so they can either be rolled-back to give a very distinctive cuff or left unfolded to cover the hands.

Due to different lighting conditions between photo sessions, there's a bit of a difference with the main color. This sweater's main color is more like the ivory or off-white color shown when photographed on the mannequin.

Measurements Small Medium Large
Chest 40"/102cm 44"/112cm 46"/117cm
(shoulder to cuff)
26"/66cm 28"/71cm 28"/71cm
(Mid-shoulder to bottom)
25"/64cm 26"/66cm 31"/79cm


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