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Retro Mohair IV

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# 500-085


Gray/Blue/White plaid retro brushed acrylic-mohair cardigan by Walkers Ltd.

Size 42

# 600-004


Men's-Boys' yellow/tan colored retro V-neck mohair V-neck pullover sweater with horizontal striped design by Jantzen

X-Small (36)

# 602-017


Pale Yellow mohair-blend V-neck pullover sweater by Robert Bruce

Medium-Large (44-46)

# 611-043


Grey shaggy brushed mohair retro classic fuzzy V-neck pullover sweater with black trim and leather elbow patches by Thane

Large (46)

# 500-199


Grey argyle pattern fuzzy retro mohair crewneck pullover with black/red/green diamond pattern

Medium (42)

# 605-010


Ivory mohair cardigan sweater by Arrow Cum Laude

Medium (42)

# 609-079


Red retro mohair/wool three-button neckline pullover sweater with horizontal grey/black lower stripes by Varsity Shop Boston Store

Medium (44)

# 607-010


White acrylic-mohair blend retro cardigan sweater by Brentwood Mohrtex Sportswear

Small (38)

# 335-001


Men's Blue-gray fuzzy cardigan with faux pearl buttons by Jockey Sportswear


# 400-082


Men's Tan wool/mohair retro V-neck pullover with horiz. brown/blue/org stripes across bottom by Inter Vale Sportswear


# 321-001


Unisex Yellow shaggy retro mohair V-neck pullover by Lord Jeff


# 321-003


Men's Red/Yellow/White/Black plaid fuzzy retro cardigan by Jockey


# 615-055


Steel-grey/Green retro thick & fuzzy V-neck mohair sweater by Max Green's-Detroit

Small (40-42)

# 615-053



Tan rare retro crewneck mohair sweater with multicolor diamond pattern on chest by Mohair Wool


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