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# 614-055



Ivory white Icelandic wood cardigan sweater by Vik Wool Vikurprjon

Small (40)

# 605-062


Natural wool ivory Icelandic wool zipper-front jacket with brown snowflake design by Hilda Ltd.

Size X-Small (34)

# 128-002


Girl's white Icelandic wool crewneck with purple yoke pattern and trim

Girl's size 32

# 611-062




Rare Icelandic wool coat with matching knit belt & front pockets by Hilda Ltd.

Large (44)

Sorry, Sold

# 608-001



Ivory Icelandic wool turtleneck sweater with horizontal two-tone thin-stripes by Hilda Ltd

Medium (42-44)



Ivory & tan double-breasted Icelandic wool Peacoat w/Nylon lining by Hilda Ltd


# 609-057


Grey w/multi-tone brown stripes across bottom by Hilda Ltd.

Medium (40-42)

# 611-076


  Natural wool color Icelandic wool zipper-front coat with horizontal multi-tone brown/grey stripe design across top, bottom & cuffs by Icewool

Small (40)

# 611-068


Tan Icelandic wool hooded coat with horizontal three-tone stripes across chest and Nylon lining by Hilda Ltd.

Medium (42)

# 613-043


Natural wool color zipper-front Icelandic wool sweater-jacket w/Nylon lining & front pockets by Hilda Ltd.

Medium (40-42)




Sorry, Sold

# 611-041


Natural wool with horiz. alternating thick lines open-front shawl-neck Icelandic wool sweater with belt tie by Hilda Ltd

Medium (42)

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Woman's Sweaters Men's Sweaters Recent Additions

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