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These are sweaters for young boys. Teen sized sweaters that would also fix a men's small, are found in the men's sections.

# 131-003



Black-blue-green vintage mohair V-neck cardigan Shag-a-Mo by The Red Hanger

Men's Size Small

Boy's Size Large (20)


# 159-005

159-005ab.jpg (22186 bytes)


Boy's Burgundy Scandinavian design retro acrylic-mohair cardigan with multi-color design at yoke & trim by
Robert Bruce

Boy's Size 20

# 204-004


Unisex White with navy design & trim wool-acrylic Norwegian style cardigan by Kandahar

Size 38 (US)




Golden-Brown retro fuzzy brushed mohair cardigan sweater with burnt orange trim by Sky

Men's X-Small (38)

Boy's Medium

# 607-071


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White classic V-neck tennis sweater with navy & burgundy striped trim at neck, waist and cuffs

X-Small (38)


# 400-059


Little Boy's Tan colored retro mohair cardigan with horizontal brown & gold stripes across chest & sleeves by Botany,

Boy's Small

# C4

0009.jpg (26779 bytes)

About $200

Custom order


Acrylic Twin-set

    It's hard to believe this was once made for and worn by me, now it fits but only a boy.

     Can be worn separately or as a set, comes in all adult and youth sizes.

# 124-002


Ivory fuzzy wool leather-button cardigan with two front pockets, by Polo Ralph Lauren

Small (38-42)


# 186-001


Boy's Tan colored brushed alpaca cardigan

Size 7

# 190-020


$24 ea.

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Matching set, Men's & Boy's royal blue acrylic crew neck pullover by Bugle Boy

Men's X-Large (50)


Boy's Small (32)


# 610-076



Child's White classis retro cable-knit V-Neck tennis sweater by Bille-Knit

Child's Medium 8-12


# 600-015a



Tan retro brushed mohair zipper-front cardigan sweater with chain-link top closure & leather elbow patches by Alps

Small (40)


# 614-084


Young men's red with black trim Ultra-soft crewneck angora sweater by Kenzo

X-Small/Small (36-38)


# 316-023


Child's Natural white Icelandic wool crewneck with light & dark brown yoke design by Hilda Ltd.

Small (34)

# 500-223


Navy blue crewneck pullover sweater with colored horizontal striping by Chaps Ralph Lauren

Size 4

# 187-003


White acrylic cardigan with blue arm stripes & front pockets

Size 6

# 099-039



Aqua colored 50% mohair - 50% wool zipper-front vintage cardigan with 3 vertical colored stripes on front, by Sears



# 190-046


Child's Pale yellow hand-knit wool-acrylic crew neck pullover with coffee colored neck and chest design

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Woman's Sweaters Men's Sweaters Recent Additions

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