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Measurements:     Size labels sewn into the garments by manufacturers are notoriously inaccurate. Often, the size difference is so off-base that I wonder if they weren't sewn-in by a disgruntled employee somewhere.  Additionally, there's the issue of whether a sweater labeled "Large" might be a teenager's size large as opposed to a adult's.


Thus, I measure every sweater, and those measurements appear at the bottom of each sweater's web page.

Here's how I measure sweaters...

All measurements are made with the sweaters lying flat.

For an accurate comparison, I recommend you take a one of your sweaters that fits well and measure it lying accordingly and compare with measurements taken from the sweater you're considering.

Note: When measuring the chest, I measure across the front, then double that measurement.

Returns: Generally, I allow a two-day inspection period. Meaning you have two days to examine the items once you've received them, and let me know if you intend to return any.  To receive a refund, I expect to have the sweaters arrive back at my shop within one week of your advising me you intend to return an item.

Refunds: Should you chose to return an item I'll refund the full purchase price, but NOT the shipping costs. That should keep people from abusing the system by ordering lots of sweaters just for the sake of looking them over with every intention of returning them from the start. Of course, refunds are contingent upon the garments being returned in the same condition. 

If I make a mistake in processing the order then I will refund your shipping costs for both directions. 

Refunds will be credited either to your Scott's Sweaters account, or to the same method you originally paid. The credits will be applied when I receive the sweaters.

On occasion, I'll have a new customer who orders new sweaters for special occasions, intending to wear and then return them; usually, these people come out of the woodwork a month or two before the Christmas holiday season. When a sweater is returned that has obviously been worn, the refund will be refused.  The "worn" sweaters will be returned only after the customer has paid a new shipping fee.

Future purchases will be prohibited from customers with too many returns.  That could be as few as two consecutive returns, if I feel they're playing games or are just incredibly indecisive.

Exchanges are fine - if approved in advance.  The customer pays all shipping costs related to an exchange. The shipping address for returns is:

Scott's Sweaters
PO Box 4215
Key West, FL  33041-4215

Photoshoot Exception: I do not provide loaners for photoshoots.  Sweaters purchased for photoshoots or other advertising, film, or stage efforts are non-returnable, non-refundable.  Don't even bother trying to use the age-old lame excuse that you ended-up not using them for the project.

Wedding Garment Exception: These items are clearly marked "Not Refundable."  Otherwise people will just use and return them after the wedding.

Christmas Exception: For those purchasing sweaters as Christmas gifts the month prior to Dec. 25, the notification policy is extended until two days following Christmas Day. Purchases during this time may receive a credit for exchange or another purchase, rather than a cash refund.

Processing returns is both time consuming and costly, so I strive to ensure everything goes well the first time. I reserve the right to cease doing business with people who have a high rate of returned orders.

Occasionally, I'll mark items way down for a sale, and these items will be clearly marked as non-returnable.

Custom knitting projects: The above refund policy doesn't apply to custom knitting projects. Custom projects may involve test swatches and related yarn costs that must be paid for in advance. Once the customer has approved a sweater design and color, the necessary yarn will be ordered and paid for by the customer. At that point, the customer owns the yarn, even if it's still in our hands. Should the customer then chose to cancel an order, the yarn will be sent directly to the customer. The cost of the yarn will not be refunded. Additionally, any cancellation of an order already in progress may incur design charges, even though the knitting may not have begun. If the project has been started, a customer can not then cancel.

Shipping: Orders within the U.S. generally are shipped via the U.S. Postal Service, using its Priority Mail system. Deliveries usually take 2-3 days within the continental U.S.  Faster overnight shipment is available by special request. All packages are sent with a delivery confirmation number. That number is e-mailed to you when the order ships, allowing you to confirm its delivery on-line at

Orders shipped outside the U.S. are generally sent via the U.S. Postal Service via First Class Air Mail. Although the packages usually arrive in your country within 4-7 days, it may take two weeks or so to get to its destination as the packages usually must pass through the receiving county's customs bureau. Priority Mail is a few days quicker, but more expensive. Faster two- to three-day service via Global Express is available by special request, but is considerably more expensive. For example, a small package that might cost $26 to ship via Air Mail, may cost nearly $50 when sent via Global Express. Tracking numbers generally are not available for international shipments sent through the postal service. If a tracking number is desired another commercial carrier, such as FEDEX, UPS or DHL, is needed. However, those services are usually two to three times the cost of using the US Postal Service.

I no longer ship to Italy, east European republics (Romania, Czech, Bosnia etc.), Russia, China, Pakistan, Central and South America!  Too many problems with theft and delivery. Please don't even ask.

Insurance for sweater shipments is the customer's decision. Our packages are routinely sent without insurance, unless specifically requested and paid for by the customer. Packages sent without insurance are the responsibility of the customer once they leave our shop.

Residents of France: are encouraged to purchase insurance, as it's been my experience that this postal service has the highest loss rate of any country I regularly deal with. Even purchasing insurance doesn't always offer protection as the French postal service often refuses to acknowledge a package has gone missing, even when it's gone missing for eight or more months.

Since French officials won't acknowledge a package is missing, an insurance claim can't be processed. Thus, I can’t guarantee packages to France will actually arrive if sent via the postal service. Commercial carriers such as UPS and DHL will guarantee the package’s arrival, but those services are very expensive, often upwards of $100 for a single 3-pound sweater.

With one sweater, the French postal service claimed it was still "out for delivery" for 11 straight months, thus no insurance claim could be submitted.  After 11 months it showed-up at the customer's door, re-packaged and looked like it'd been worn for several months.  Had I not filed consistent complaints, it likely would never have re-appeared.

I will ship to France and some other countries via the postal service, but only after the customer has specifically agreed to accept full responsibility.

Italy, No Shipments:  No shipments can be made Italy.  Customs there will confiscate anything with the least amount of textiles of any kind.  One person sent a very expensive scrapbook, that had a thread binding and it was confiscated.  So don't order anything from my site, because I won't send it, and if I did you wouldn't get it anyway.

Customs Duty & VAT Taxes:  International customers are responsible for any import or value taxes.  I have no way of knowing what these costs, if any, will amount to, so I can't even add it to your bill.  When purchasing second-hand or pre-owned sweaters, I clearly note on the customs form that this is second-hand clothing, because in most countries I routinely deal with, there isn't any value tax on pre-owned clothing.

New vs. Second-hand sweaters: Most of my sweaters are second-hand garments that appeal to collectors of vintage and specialty clothing. I also feature some new sweaters along with custom made sweaters to order. Assume all sweaters featured on my site are used second-hand garments unless specifically noted as "new" or "custom" sweaters.

Payment: Sweater orders charged to a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) ship immediately. Checks mailed are fine, but must first clear the bank, unless you are a regular customer. If sending a check, let me know so I can set the items aside so they aren't sold to someone else before your check arrives. Only checks drawn on US banks are acceptable.

Mailing address: Scott's Sweaters, PO Box 4215, Key West, FL 33041-4215.

Orders: Sweaters are sold to the first person who commits to a payment, not the first person who expresses an interest in a particular sweater. On occasion, two people have ordered the same sweater on the same day. When that happens I use the date and time the order was placed to determine who was first. (Once, there was just a two-minute difference.)

Happy clients: Almost all my clients are repeat customers. I strive to ensure my customers will be happy with the sweaters they receive, before the order is processed, and thus have very few returns and many satisfied clients.

Customer Privacy: We never share information about our customers with anyone, without specifically asking you first. Occasionally, I have customers asking us to put them in contact with others. In those instances approval is first obtained from all parties before any information is provided.  I don't sell, loan or give my customer information to anyone.

Security: All orders are submitted via a secure server based at a high security credit card processing company. Although it may appear your personal and financial information is being sent directly to Scott's Sweaters, it isn't. I simply receive an e-mail providing me with the order, who is purchasing it and to where it's being shipped. I never have access to the customer's credit card information. Additionally, I have no method of manually processing a credit card transaction, thus all credit card purchase must go thorough my web site.

Hilda Ltd.: Lately, I've had a lot of inquires about Icelandic sweaters made by Hilda Ltd. and where they can be obtained. Unfortunately, Hilda went out of business some 25+ years ago and no company is making the styles they did.

One of the reasons Hilda went out of business was because their garments were of very good quality and often lasted more than two decades. Once someone purchased a Hilda sweater or jacket they rarely needed another. From time to time I get hold of some Hilda sweaters and jackets. To see what Hilda Ltd. sweaters and coats are available, check my pages for "Woman's Icelandic Wool" & "Men's Icelandic Wool."

Care/Cleaning Sweaters: 

Never, never, never... hang sweaters on hangers or any type.  Sweaters are heavy and stretch.  The hanging weight will pull a sweater out-of-shape.  The hanger ends cause little dimples/dents to appear on the shoulder tops, which are quite unsightly when the hanger is removed, and very hard to fix.  Metal hangers rust, and rust stains are nearly impossible to remove from sweaters. If you feel you must store a sweater on a hanger, use a wooden hanger, fold the sweater lengthwise, then drape the folded sweater over the bottom bar of the hanger.

Store sweaters in a cool environment, in something that can breathe, like a zippered sweater bag you can get from most department stores.  I like to toss a scented dryer sheet into the bag as well.  The scent makes the sweater smell nice, seems to prevent mold spores and keeps most pests away. Another option is using small bags of cedar wood chips, but they can be a bit pricey and need replacing annually.

Don't use mothballs.  They keep moths away, but it's extremely hard to get the mothball smell out of sweaters.

There are different methods of dry cleaning, and it’s difficult for a customer to tell the difference.  When using a dry cleaner, you want to avoid three types:

  • Green solutions

    • The “green” solutions are environmentally friendly, but simply don’t clean very well.

  • Perk (Perchloroethylene)

    • Is harsh on the fibers, and over time removes the luster from nice sweaters

  • Dryel (home solution)

    • Not sure how it’s supposed to work, but my experience has been that I couldn’t tell any difference before and after cleaning a sweater with this product.

If you’re going to use a professional dry cleaner, I’d recommend one that uses the hydrocarbon method.

The best cleaning solution I’ve found is “Eucalan” wool cleaner.  It comes  different scents; I prefer the  Eucalyptus version.  Eucalan is available at You use this product much like Woolite, but Eucalan is much gentler on fibers than Woolite.

Also, another trick for bringing the life back to angora, is to place it in a paper bag with the opening closed, and leave it in the freezer overnight.  Does wonders for angora.

Problem: Use this special hot button priority link to bring an issue to my immediate attention:


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